Arniston’s Biomass Boiler and sustainable, locally sourced firewood

About the estate

Arniston Estate

Arniston Estate comprises over 8000 acres incorporating a mixture of ancient broadleaf and commercial conifer woodland. We are located in the heart of Midlothian near Gorebridge. All our firewood is sourced locally from within the Estate and makes up key part of the estates forestry management and replenishment plan. At Arniston we are committed to the development of sustainable woodlands that enhance the landscape and have developed our own 25 year forestry plan to replenish and grow the woodlands on the estate.

We practice what we preach

Arniston Firewood

At Arniston we installed a Biomass woodchip fuelled boiler in Jan 2008 to provide heating for the historic house and an infrastructure footprint for the future. This system allows us to be fully self sustainable in heating as well as making significant savings in our costs and importantly we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 90 tonnes per year all by replacing LPG with Wood fuel.

Come and Visit

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